Terms & Conditions Regarding Pricing and offers :

1.BUY 2 OFFERS: If you want to buy two frames of same price category then the second frame cost gets reduced to zero and similarly you buy lenses alongwith frames of same category then the lenses prices gets reduced upto 50%. ( This reduction of price in lenses is only applicable in the case of single vision plastic[CR-39] lenses, it is not applicable for bifocal / progressive plastic lenses and even for the glass lenses {single vision/bifocal/progressive} , even the pricing of frame gets zero even if it is of same price, only in the case of plastic [CR-39] lenses)  So, if the same category price of frame or lenses is not there then there is no reduction in price.

  1. BUY ONLY LENSES : If you want to buy only lenses then the pricing of the lenses will remain same , we just reduce the fitting charges from each category of lenses and then you can buy any amount of lenses you want to buy from us, but the cost will remain same. ( In this you will be provided with two lenses one for left eye and one for right eye , we take it as one quantity , if you select the quantity as 2 then we will count it as 2 for left eye and 2 for right eye)

  1. BUY ONLY FRAME : If you just want to buy frame then you can buy it from our 700 and 1500 frames categories, buy only frame option is not available with 149 & 449 rupees frames categories. ( No discount is there as of now if you buy 2 frames of same categories , discount on second frame is only there if you buy lenses also from us.)

  1. On purchase of PARVUE sunglasses : All the parvue sunglasses comes under the BUY 1 GET 1 FREE discount category. If you want to buy 3 or more sunglasses from parvue sunglasses category then you will have to pay the full amount on the increment of every next sunglasses after the addition of 2nd sunglasses.( All the rates are inclusive of GST in PARVUE sunglasses).

  1. On purchase of VELOCITY sunglasses : All the velocity sunglasses do not come under this buy 1 get 1 free category. They are available at flat rate of 1499. ( All the rates are inclusive of GST in VELOCITY sunglasses).


  1. On purchase of Power Sunglasses :
  • On the purchase of sunglasses from PARVUE and adding the power in them will make the cost of power sunglasses as 1200 + 999 =2199 + GST 12 % . So, the BUY 1 GET 1 offer gets removed in the case of POWER SUNGLASSES.
  • Similarly, on purchase of VELOCITY sunglasses and adding power in them will make the cost as 1499 + 999 = 2498 + GST 12% .

  1. Want HANSCO LENSES in your old frame : In this case , we ask you to send the old frame of yours in a good condition, and we will fit the new lenses in that frame of yours but we take no responsibility if something happens to your old frame while fitting the lens .So, we request our customer to send us their old frame in a good condition. The lens price terms and conditions will remain same. For more queries contact us at 8010161016 or email us at info@hanscolens.com


Have a look at the GST rates implemented by government on the optical products.

Lenses 12%
Frames 18%
Sunglasses 28%
Power Sunglasses 12%
Spectacles 12%
Spectacle Cases 28 %


*All the GST rates are going to be added separately at the time of billing in the case of frames, lenses , power sunglasses, spectacles and spectacle cases. Sunglasses rates are inclusive of GST.*